Ready to Frame

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RTF Packages

Framing Kits are our specialized pre-cut framing solution that enhances the efficiency, safety, and eco-friendliness of your construction projects. Simply provide us with your plans, and we'll precisely cut everything to your specifications. Our Framing Kits are shipped from our remote manufacturing facility in intelligently bundled, compact, pre-cut, and labeled packages, allowing for seamless assembly by your framers at the construction site.

Why Choose RTF Packages?

Computerized pre-cut framing technology will put you ahead of schedule and the competition.

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  • Precision-driven computerized designs minimize errors with 1/16" accuracy.
  • Efficient material utilization prevents wastage and improper use.
  • Enjoy the advantages of assured takeoffs, reduced errors, and minimized risk.
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  • Achieve a 20% faster construction rate with your existing crew, resulting in reduced labor requirements.
  • Construct a higher number of houses in a shorter timeframe, leveraging enhanced efficiencies such as pre-cut and labeled smart bundles.
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  • Reduced on-site cutting leads to a tidier, more orderly construction site.
  • A secure working atmosphere minimizes the potential for accidents and injuries.
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  • Minimized cuts translate to decreased waste in dumpsters and lower disposal costs.
  • A cleaner construction site is achieved, while also contributing to the preservation of more trees.

The Future of Better Building is Now


Fewer Errors, Less Risk

Fewer Errors, Less Risk

Increased Efficiency


Protecting Our Forests One Component at a Time

Patriot Truss Ready to Frame framing components contribute to a greener future by optimizing material usage, resulting in the preservation of thousands of trees for generations to come.